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Eye Examinations At Baines & Band

At Baines and Band, we provide thorough eye examinations that fully assess your vision and eye health. Our dedicated time slots for each exam ensure that you benefit from the personalised attention of our seasoned team. Whether you have specific concerns or are here for a routine check, we will comprehensively evaluate your eye health and offer individualised recommendations.

Your Eye Health

At Baines and Band, we believe your eyes are crucial to your overall well-being, and maintaining their health can significantly improve your quality of life.

Various factors, including diet and outdoor time, contribute to eye health. Even if you don't experience noticeable issues, professional eye exams are essential for confirming their condition.


Neglecting minor eye issues can lead to more severe problems, underscoring the importance of regular checks. As an independent optician, we are committed to offering you top-notch care and practical advice to help you take care of your eyes daily.

Putting Trial Frame On Man Eyes
Women Having An Eye Exam At Baines and Band

What to Expect in an Eye Examination

At Baines and Band, your eye exam involves a comprehensive evaluation of your vision, a thorough eye health assessment, and a detailed discussion of your history and symptoms.

We'll examine your ability to see at various distances to determine if a prescription is necessary for enhanced vision. Our eye health checks screen for significant concerns like diabetes and glaucoma, as well as minor irregularities that could indicate a developing issue.

Our optometrist will engage with you about your eye health, inquire about recent symptoms, family eye history, and any medications you may be on. Based on your responses, additional tests may be recommended.

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